Opera Portable – Opera in USB, CD, LAN, Wherever! Opera Sekali Klik Tanpa Instal

Use the Opera browser anywhere, by just carrying a small self-contained file!

Introducing Opera Portable, the Opera browser that has been repacked so that you can run Opera by just clicking, without the need of installation or administrator rights. With download size of less than 5 MB, you get the same features of Opera compared to what you get in the installation version (even Flash Player 9 is included). Of course it’s free!

Update (2007-12-16): The newest version, 9.24, has been updated so that it runs on Windows Vista without asking administrator previledges. Users of Opera Portable Builder should be able to update the version by changing the last digits of the URL to 20071216.

No registry entries are created or modified
No effect to existing installed browsers, either IE, Firefox or Opera
No trace left after exiting – files are overwritten, not just deleted
Doesn’t make your USB drive tired – all code and data are stored in a temporary place on host computer
Create multiple profiles for different places
Easy to distribute and use, not limited to USB sticks or CDs

Support Opera Portable!

Opera Portable is completely free and will always remain free, which means you can use it free of charge for any purposes (subject to Opera Software’s license agreement). If you are satisfied with Opera Portable and want to help motivate the development, any amount of donation will be welcomed and gratefully appreciated.

Opera Portable Personal 9.24 v2 (English, other languages see below)
You can manage multiple profiles at once! For example, in office, school, home, internet cafe, etc you can have different profiles for each of them. The profile file will contain all the settings you made while running. So, your settings, history, wand passwords, etc are packed into a single file, then they are overwritten and deleted on the host machine (so you leave no trace). When you run Opera Portable on another machine, your settings will be applied again. This is suitable for usage in USB/flash disks and other writable media, or even on your harddisk!

Opera Portable One-Use 9.24 v2 (English, other languages see below)
All settings, history, cache etc are completely destroyed after running. This is suitable if you run Opera Portable from LAN shares, CD/DVD, or other non-writable media.

It is recommended that you backup the ophome file in case of data corruption. You should use 7z or zip or rar or any compressor to backup it since it is highly compressible 😀

Available Languages
       Português Brasileiro          

Opera Portable Builder

Since the 9.20 release, I restructured the arrangements of files, and made it possible for you to build Opera Portable by yourself! Building Opera Portable by yourself enables these functionalities:
Using languages not available here (more than 30 languages can be built)
Additional plugins as needed (the official version above only includes Flash Player)
Your favorite widgets, bookmarks, RSS feeds, even toolbar settings etc available as defaults
Edit the NSIS scripts and the data processor program to suit your needs

Etc. And so on. However, I would like to ask you to donate 10 USD (see the Donate section). I guarantee that the Builder is very easy to use, it is automated, by default you can select the language to be built and choice between Personal or One-Use version. Just modify the data directories and you can add your own content, etc.

Where and When to Use Opera Portable
When you are in a library / internet cafe / lab / other public places, Opera is usually not installed, and you are forced to bear with IE or Firefox that is indeed slower than Opera.
When you want to surf ‘secret’ websites but you afraid that your traces remains, use Opera Portable, because when you close Opera Portable, all data will be overwritten and erased (not just erased)!
When you use your own computer but IE is severely infected by worms, viruses, spyware, horses, rats, rabbits, dragonflies, etc. And you are afraid! And Opera comes…
When you want to have Opera anywhere you go, either on a USB flash disk or a CD (because Opera Portable doesn’t require the medium to be writable!)
When you promote Opera to your friends, before installing it, it’s better if you can show it first, right?

All intellectual property rights such as but not limited to patents, trademarks, copyrights or trade secret rights related to the Software are the property of and remains vested in Opera Software ASA/its suppliers.


How do you think about this program? Do you have any suggestion for improvement? Can you tell me how to further reduce the file size (e.g. deleting unnecessary files?) Do you have any interesting experience in using Opera Portable? Please discuss it and tell us below!


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