Linux IpTables Tutorial – Howto & Mastering

This tutorial was created to provide a publicly available, easy to understand iptables.

Iptables is a linux package for managing IPv4 (and optionally IPv6) packet filtering and NAT (Network Address Translation).

Iptables can be configured to function as a firewall, a NAT mechanism, a packet filter or all 3 at once.

The diversity of capabilities possible with iptables makes it a secure, stable and economical alterative to hardware based firewalls and routers or costly 3rd party firewall software.

Iptables can also serve as a rendundant firewall in conjunction with a hardware firewall, providing you with an extra layer of security.

This tutorial covers the installation of iptables in a Redhat environment, the syntax and structure associated with iptables and a collection a pre-configured iptables configurations for a variety of applications.



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