Smart Translator 1.0 Final (Speaking Translator)


SMART (Simple Accurate Translator) is language translator software bases on computer converses. Compared to software other translator that has circulated in the market, SMART haves excesses as follows:

· SMART can say sentence Bahasa UK and Indonesian [language] because SMART is provided with technology of Indonesian [language] text to speech and can exploit text to speech that provided in Microsoft Windows operating system.
· SMART are designed with user interface in common (standar) with application programs in environment of Microsoft Windows operating system, until one who first time mengoperasikanpun will easily use software SMART.

· SMART are provided with technology “smart translation and smart dictionary”, so it’s can conduct better translation was from software of a kind other when translate word/sentence that hung from context that the of.
· SMART conducts quicker translation
· SMART can translate Microsoft Word document directly, until a large part of document formats that already you make in Microsoft Word can be defended.

SMART-Translator are designed with intuitive and easy to operate display by user that has been become accustomed use applications in environment of Microsoft Windows operating system. A large part of menu structure and operation ways SMART-Translator equal to application programs Windows in general.


thanks to CODEmpire the kaskuser


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    Crackya kok belom ada

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