Thinstall Virtualization Suite 3.104

What’s New in Thinstall 3.1:

– Added Sandbox Merge Utility, allows you to merge sandbox modification back into a project
– Now supporting Photoshop CS3, may fix some other adobe products
– Now supporting MSDE and SQL Express 2005
– Experimental support for Win3.1 (16-bit) applications (full support with 3.2)
– Fixed out-of-process COM issues
– Fixed problem where logging would lock-up on Vista
– Fixed Thread local storage problem
– MSI Installer service is disabled for this release.

More info:

Install Notes:

NOTE: Remember to patch the resulting EXE!

Directory path should be absolute.
If you run ThinstallPatch.exe without any options, it will close console and will run graphical interface.
You can embed patch execution in build.bat for automatic patching of builds after compilation.

[size=150]Tested and Working!! [/size]

Thinstall is an Application Virtualization Platform that enables complex
software to be delivered as self-contained EXE files which can run instantly
with zero installation from any data source. The core of Thinstall VS is the
Virtual Operating System, a small light-weight component which is embedded with
each installed application.

Key Features

Single EXE runs from network or offline desktop
Simple to use, package & deploy in minutes
No infrastructure changes: deploy with existing systems
Runs exclusively in User-mode, no device drivers
Application streaming with no client or server required
Windows Vista ready – instant migration
Runs on Terminal Server and MetaFrame (32bit & 64bit)
Isolation of Filesystem & registryeliminates conflicts
Upgrade applications while they are still running
Sandboxing protects machines against modifications
Supports most Windows applications
Supports Side-by-Side (SxS) DLL deployments

Deploying applications is slow and painful
Businesses require more and more applications operating together seamlessly and over time these systems have evolved into more complex and more fragile environments. The result is software deployments are increasingly expensive, support intensive, and time consuming. IT faces months of wasted time on multi-app regression testing, end-user support, and downtime caused by undiscovered application conflicts.

Reliable and readily accessible software to date requires endless planning and a great deal of ongoing support. In fact according to Forrester Research companies spend on average more than $500/year per desktop managing applications.

Thinstall Virtualization Suite simplifies the application deployment cycle by eliminating regression testing and solving integration problems. Thinstall ensures conflict free software deployments.

Solution Overview
Thinstall acts as a thin Virtual Operating System (VOS) that merges a virtual system environment with the real system environment. The Thinstall Virtual OS consists of the Virtual File system (VFS), and Virtual Registry (VREG).

Thinstall can transparently stream large applications from a shared network drive with no client or server software to install as well as run the application “off-line” on the PC.

The VOS works exclusively in user mode and requires no device drivers or preinstalled clients. It can run applications in managed and unmanaged Windows environments without requiring elevated security rights. Thinstall enables implementation of stronger security by allowing applications previously requiring admin rights to run on locked-down user accounts.

Thinstall protects the local PC against changes to the file system and registry for both custom developed and commercial office applications with no source code changes enabling true separation of application and OS.

Thinstall generates a single secure executable file which virtualizes the application and associated registry and filesystem changes.

Benefits and Savings
Reduce time to deployment Thinstall reduces costs and accelerates IT deployment and business processes:

Significantly reduce regression testing costs: Applications can be deployed and run in independent sandboxes, eliminating the need for expensive and time consuming multi-app regression testing.
Greatly reduce the cost of maintaining secure locked-down desktops: Isolated application can run in restricted user accounts without requiring any host modifications.
Consolidate Terminal Server and MetaFrame servers. Thinstall reduces the need to create machine silos for specific applications due to conflicts or security.
Accelerates software development: Enables developers to use the latest runtimes, frameworks, and libraries instead of being restricted by shared components that are not backwards compatible with older applications.
Enhances work-force mobility, business continuity and disaster recovery: Applications can be run offline directly any external media including USB Flash, CDROM, and unattached laptops.

No infrastructure changes needed
Thinstalled applications can be deployed using any existing software deployment systems including Active Directory and SMS. Thinstall has no client or server components to manage or maintain and Thinstall can transparently stream large applications from any network attached storage devices without server software.

User-mode only secure execution
Microsoft ’s best practices recommend user mode solutions to reduce the scope and impact of security breaches. Thinstall executes entirely in mode with no kernel-mode code or device drivers. This enables seamless distribution to locked-down desktops with full assurances that local security policies cannot be violated by kernel-mode code.

For mobile users, Thinstall turns managed kiosk PC into a preconfigured workstation with any USB Flash device. For Citrix and MS Terminal Server environments Thinstall ensures system stability and limits security breaches to specific user-mode sandboxes by executing entirely in user mode. Thinstall eliminates the need to grant applications Administrator privileges in cases where they were improperly designed to write to global file system or registry locations.

Fast, lightweight virtualization
Thinstall is an application level solution and does not use emulation, so all processes are executed natively at full speed without the typical 25- 50% speed reduction of other machine virtualization solutions.

The Thinstall VOS occupiEs ~300K on disk and is embedded with each application so there is no client to manage. Additionally, because Thinstall only virtualizes applications, not an entire new OS, additional Windows licenses are not required and memory impact is minimal.

Streaming without infrastructure changes
Using streaming, Thinstall can launch very large applications from any shared LAN resource in seconds. Thinstall can stream application code and data from a standard Windows fileserver or network share without a client install or specialized servers required, enabling application streaming with no infrastructure changes. Users can launch an application from a local shortcut, network share, URL, or email link. Active Directory can be used to limit access of applications to specific sets of users.

Windows Vista Ready –Instant Migration
Thinstall fully supports Windows Vista and makes migration easier by eliminating LUA related errors and compatibility issues.

Isolation eliminates conflicts
Thinstall VS includes new file system and registry isolation capabilities that prevents applications from being affected by other software installed on the same system. Two versions of the same applications can appear to be installed and run from the same directory without conflicts even where virtual and non-virtual versions exist at the same location. Thinstall VS also provides Windows side-by-side DLL isolation capabilities without having to redevelop applications or needing to upgrade to XP/Vista.

Sandboxing prevents modifications
Thinstall redirects all changes intended for the host PC’s file system and registry to a private per-user sandbox. Sandboxes can be located on a network share allowing application settings to follow users as they move from machine to machine. Because all changes can be separated from the host OS, broken machines can be replaced like light bulbs with no impact on the user. For mobile users, sandboxes can be stored on local USB flash devices thus preventing damage to the host PC or accidental host storage of senitive data.

Thinstall unchains developers
Thinstall enables corporate developers to choose from the latest tools and technologies without concern for deployment issues, backwards compatibility of shared components, or desktop integration/regression testing. Thinstall supports .NET, Java, ActiveX, COM, MDAC, ODBC, and allows the latest developer technologies to be deployed to restricted user accounts with zero installation or impact on other applications.

System Requirements
Thinstall supports Windows NT, 2k, XP, w2k3, Vista, Terminal Server, and Citrix MetaFrame with no dependencies or client to install.

Thinstall supports .NET, Java, ActiveX, COM, MDAC, ODBC, and allows the latest developer technologies to be deployed to restricted user accounts with zero installation or impact on other applications.


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