LastBit Password Tools v10.1

A lot of software applications allow users to protect their files with passwords.
Passwords you use to secure data can be forgotten or lost. How to unlock your file
if you forgot or lost password?

LastBit Software offers you effective password recovery software. Using it you can
easy and fast solve problems with forgotten and lost passwords. We launched first
password recovery application in 1997. We were the first who developed password recovery
tools for Microsoft Office Word and Excel. Since 1997 we developed a lot of password
recovery solutions for most popular applications.

Most popular password recovery tools:
Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, VBA, SQL Password

All available password recovery modules listed in alphabetical order:

Access (both database and user passwords)
Excel (100% success guarantee! no brute-force!)
Lotus Organizer
MS Backup
MS Money
PDF Files
Pocket Excel (Excel for PDA)
VBA Macros
Word (100% success guarantee! no brute-force!)

Other password recovery tools:

Internet Explorer
ICQ Password
Mail account password recovery
MD5 Password
MSN Password
FTP account password recovery
Outlook Express Password
SHA-1 Password
SQL Password
Windows 95/98/Me
Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
Yahoo Messenger Password
Password Variator

Word 2007 Password and Excel 2007 Password are developed to recover Word 2007
and Excel 2007 passwords to open

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