Vista Transformation Pack 7.0 Final will give to your windows XP system the new and cool look of Microsoft’s future operating system: windows Vista.
The pack changes most of the system icons, skins and toolbars and also adds new enhancements to your desktop such as a dock bar or a different system tray clock. It is free and does a great job of giving machine a look similar to Vista.
It does have uninstallation options in case you decide you want to get rid of it, so there really isn’t anything to lose. However, when you install the software it has to overwrite some system files (it modifies things like the boot screen) so Windows will prompt you stating that your system files have been changed. It will ask whether you want to change them back or leave them, so just leave them if you want the system to function properly.

[size=18]Features of “Vista Transformation Pack”:[/size]

• Boot screen
• Welcome Screen / Logon Screen
• New msstyles files (visual styles)
• New desktop and file icons
• New toolbar icons
• Progress Dialogs
• Sounds scheme
• System Tray icons
• New Wallpapers
• Windows Media Player Skins

Changes in Version 7.0:

· Added default system font option for recovery
· Added Docking support for preview and taskbar replacement
· Added DPI auto-detection in Machine Configuration
· Added hiding menubar option for Vista (Styler) toolbar
· Added information about KB925902 hotfix issues and solution on startup
· Added memory requirements checking for 3rd-party applications
· Added resetting DPI options and some extra information in Machine Configuration
· Added screen resolution auto-detection
· Added setting cleartype font automatically after the transformation
· Added Vista transformation “Express mode” (Make an appropriate setup configuration in single page!)
· Added ViStart (Vista Start Menu port for Windows XP/2003 with glass UI and search function)
· Added uninstalling existing components before updating
· Added WindowBlinds detection warning message (for user who is mistaken about glass border skin)
· Added Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 uxtheme patching support
· Fixed backing up system files bug on repair mode
· Fixed checking for Styler incompatibility with x64 edition OS
· Fixed fileversion checking bug that cause backup system files being overwritten by modified system files when update
· Fixed operating system checking bug (that allow user to install in Windows 2000 and below)
· Fixed Start Orb positioning bug
· Fixed Styler to execute Styler.exe only when user wants to hide menu bar to save up memory and some weird issues
· Fixed Styler to run in toolbar mode (prevent error and message popup)
· Fixed Vista (Styler) toolbar option with correction of menubar
· Fixed uninstalling bug with system drive icon
· Fixed uninstalling routines
· Fixed uxtheme.dll patching detection bugs on machine without any service pack
· Fixed Windows Live Messenger skin uninstallation bug
· Moved extra dialogs in the main dialogs process so user can make all decisions before transforming
· Removed customized open/save dialog due to bugs in some applications
· Replaced closeapp with pskill (some programs reported closeapp as virus though it isn’t)
· Replaced Blaero’s Start Orb with ViOrb (Auto positioning and snap over the start button upon taskbar shifting)
· Updated battery tray icons
· Updated Getting Started and Help and Support FAQ
· Updated LClock x86 to version 1.62b
· Updated Maintenance Center to be Welcome Center
· Updated minor UI graphic resources in themes
· Updated Segoe UI font
· Updated Shutdown/Logoff dialogs
· Updated Start Orb to full circle version
· Updated Thoosje’s Vista sidebar to version 2.1
· Updated transformation to use backup system file if it has the same fileversion during update
· Updated updating function to uninstall previous components before updating
· Updated Vista logon screen (Thanks to SoFtEcH for updating my logon)
· Added status message (Welcome, Shutdown, etc.)
· Fixed user account disapperance bug on lower resolution
· Fixed user account moving around when focused
· Moved shutdown button to right part
· Updated password panel resources
· Updated userpicture’s frame border
· Updated Visualtooltip to version 2.1


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