originally published by Paladin Press (c) 1987
(don’t let the date fool you. This is good stuff)

brought to you by
Dr. Bloodmoney

Well, I’m bringing you this file because I have a scanner and an
OCR package and I like to pick locks. This file is a complete transcription
of the book, Secrets of Lock Picking by Steven Hampton, minus the chapter
on warded locks (These locks are cheap. Use a hammer and a screwdriver).
Before getting on to the subject, I would just like to use this opportunity
to say that you can not just read this file and know how to pick locks. It
does take practice. The good news is that by practicing you will learn how
to open locks. And fast, too. I have heard many people say “It’s not like
the movies…it takes time to pick a lock.” Well, sometimes thats true, but
I have picked a Sargeant six-pin, high-security tumbler lock in three seconds.
And other similar locks in the the same time frame as well. So I know that
it can be done. But don’t worry. Practicing is not boring. There is a
certain thrill present when you pick a lock for the very first time.
Imagine the sensation of knowing that you can get into almost anywhere you
want. Believe me when I tell you that it is very cool.

Download .zip

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