Cakewalk Pro Audio V9

Cakewalk Pro Audio v9.0 Description:

is a professional music and sound production tool for composing, recording, editing, processing and mixing multitrack MIDI and audio projects. Cakewalk’s features include: a huge variety of audio effects; the ability to create custom presets; integrated pitch-shifting and time-stretching; the ability to transform audio to MIDI; powerful music notation functions; guitar tablature editing and printing with synchronized, real-time fretboard display; the ability to create your own custom control interfaces for any MIDI device, a variety of views for creating and working with music, the ability to export audio to MP3, RealSystem G2, and Windows Media Advanced Streaming Format; support for AudioX-compatible cards; analog-tape style audio scrubbing for smooth, accurate queuing and auditioning of audio tracks; enhanced mixdown options for bouncing audio tracks and mastering to stereo, mono, and dual mono WAV file formats at variable bit depths; the ability to add vintage amp simulation to digital audio tracks; and a chromatic tuner display for tuning guitars or other instruments through a PC audio card.

Cakewalk supports up to 128 tracks of audio along with MIDI and supports 24-bit audio with up to a 96 kHz sampling rate.

Download .rar
Password: jamesbond007


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