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MiniPE v2k5.09.03 + Tutorial

by Si Cepot


firefox to portable
7-zip 4.57 Final

filezilla to v3.03
opera to 9.23.8808
winrar to 3.71
acronis true image workstation 9.1 build 3886
password renew to 1.1 beta
cpu-z to 1.40.5
UltraISO to
free undelete to Free Undelete 2.0
Fabs Autobackup to 2.1.0
Nod32 Antivirus to 2.70.39
deep burner to PRO
Nero burning rom to
ghost32 to v11

Acronis Disk Director 10
Added Kaspersky AV v4 Personal
Test Disk (HDD scanner/repair)
Avira AntiVir Version 7


12-06-2007 unofficial Virus Update Pack
12-08-2007 Kaspersky v4 Defs
9-17-2007 Antivir ver 7 defs

pass: thecavern

mirror :

pass: thecavern

Membuat Windows Live CD
System Operasi Live CD adalah system operasi yang dapat langsung dijalankan di CD, tanpa perlu bantuan harddisk.

Salah satu perusahaan yang telah memasuki teknologi ini adalah Linux, misalnya Knoppix, Fedora Core dll.

Dengan system operasi Live CD, anda dapat menghapus jejak-jejak file induk virus dengan sangat mudah. Hanya butuh sedikit kopi dan sebatang rokok, maka bibit-bibit virus itupun dapat segera dilenyapkan

Sekedar mengingatkan, Live CD ini hanya digunakan untuk menghapus file-file induk virus. Baik itu yang hidden maupun super hidden.
Sedangkan untuk perbaikan Registry-nya dibutuhkan media lain, misalnya HijackThis, Script, OptixPro Trojan, dll.

Persiapan :

1. Download MiniPE
2. Install dulu program tersebut pada windows yang normal (tidak berpenyakit)
3. Siapkan CD Windows XP

Proses Pembuatan Image Windows:

1. Masukkan CD Windows XP
2. Klik I Agree

3. Klik No

4. Isi ruang yang tersedia sesuai gambar dibawah ini :

5. Klik Build, dan klik Yes

6. Klik I Agree pada yang muncul berikutnya
7. Biarkan proses berjalan hingga selesai

8. Jika sudah selesai, akan ditandai dengan tulisan Save log to …… dibagian akhir proses

Proses Pembuatan CD Windows PE
1. Siapkan CD Kosong
2 Pastikan program nero sudah terinstall
3. Pada Opsi burning, pilih Burn Image To Disc

4. File image Windows PE anda yang baru dibuat dan telah tersimpan di      C:\pebuilder3110a\pebuilder.iso
Pilih file pebuilder.iso tersebut dan klik Open

5. Terakhir, klik Burn untuk memulai proses dan biarkan sampai selesai.
6. Untuk mengujinya masuk BIOS dan menentukan proses Boot pertamanya dari CDROM.
7. Selamat mencoba

Menggunakan Windows PE untuk Berantas Virus
Windows PE merupakan system operasi live CD yang mengambil dari platform Windows. Kehadirannya sangat membantu untuk melakukan proses pembersihan virus secara manual. Biasanya, jika dengan cara manual biasa tidak membuahkan hasil, maka salah satu cara lainnya, menggunakan Windows PE ini.

Dengan cara sebagai berikut :

1. Tentukan booting dari CDROM sebagai boot pertama (dari BIOS)
2. Pastikan CD Windows PE yang baru anda buat sudah masuk
3. Klik Go pilih Programs dan A43 File Management Utility.

Aplikasi ini hampir mirip dengan Windows Explorer. Bedanya A43 File Management Utility akan langsung menampilkan file hidden dan superhidden tanpa harus melakukan konfigurasi terlebih dahulu.

5. Selanjutnya tinggal melakukan searching manual pada ruang-ruang yang biasa menjadi sarang file induk virus.

6. Untuk mencari file bisa klik Tool dan pilih Find File

Selamat Mencoba………

FruityLoops Studio Producer Edition XXL v.7.0u2

What is FruityLoops Studio Producer Edition XXL v.7.0u2?

FL Studio is a fully featured, open-architecture music creation and production environment for PC. No extra software is required* to produce any style of music, as the complete set of instrument and studio tools is included in the cost of the package. With the included plugins, sounds and tools the user can create complete songs, as well as backing tracks, loops and sizzling beats. Completed songs can be saved to WAV, MP3 or MIDI or .ZIP or native project formats (.FLP).


Make virtually any sound. FL7 includes 13 virtual synthesizers covering acoustic/synthetic bass, electric guitar and plucked string simulation, sampler tools including piano, general sample playback, and beat-slicing, and a range of synthesis techniques (subtractive, modelling, FM, granular and additive).

Audio Recording & Editing:

Capture audio from a single vocalist right through to a full symphony orchestra. FL7 can record up to 64 simultaneous tracks of audio#. The Playlist workspace can contain an unlimited number of audio tracks and allows you to arrange discrete audio events in any order, and position the creative process dictates with complete flexibility. Audio tools allow the ability to time-stretch, pitch-shift, beat-slice, chop, edit and creatively destruct audio. FL7 also introduces Edison, a fully featured mastering wave editor and recorder. FL Studio supports WAV, MP3 and OGG formats.


Record musical performances and ideas in the most logical way. FL7 functions as both a pattern and track based sequencer depending on user preferences. Tools include an unlimited track Step-sequencer, an industry-leading Piano Roll and Automation Clips. FL Studio supports MIDI and input from all standard Controllers.


Determine your own project design. In FL7, you decide how your project will be laid out. Unlike the competition, FL7’s Playlist is a totally flexible and virtually unbounded space where Note Pattern, Audio and Automation data can be arranged, and edited to suit your creative ideas and workflow.


The most powerful mixer in its class. FL7 includes an industry-leading 64 stereo track mixer. Each track can include up to 8 effects and can also be routed to any of the other 64 tracks or one of 4 dedicated ‘send’ channels. The 44 included effects plugins span Compression, Delay, Distortion, EQ, Filtering, Phasing, Flanging, Chorus, Vocoding and Reverb. These will take you from the creative broad-brush effects like reverb, through to the minutia of the mastering process with multiband compression/limiting and parametric EQ.

Key new features and changes:

* FL now supports track-based sequencing. Pattern Clips present sequence data in the method as Audio and Automation Clips.

* Edison replaces the Wave Editor – Edison is a fully integrated audio editing and recording tool complete with spectral analysis, convolution reverb + more: Love Philter is a bank of 8 ganged filter units for total flexibility and creative filtering mayhem.

* Parametric EQ2 introduces a mastering parametric EQ with spectral analysis:

* Event Automation can now be converted to Automation clips.
* Updated audio stretching engine for FL Studio & FL plugins (where applicable).
* Multi-core safe generators can now be threaded for performance gain on multi-core CPUs.
* Smoother audio “record to disk” performance with high track-counts.
* Note OFF velocity support for the Piano roll, MIDI files, MIDI out & Sytrus.
* “Smart Disable” mode for generator plugins, previously was effects only.
* A “News Panel”, to keep users updated with content and patches.
* Plugin windows can now be detached from the FL Studio desktop.
* DirectWave sampler now loads AIFF samples & includes a VST preset loader in auto sampler function.
* Sytrus gains multi-level`”Undo” a “Cherry” phaser filter, 256 unit Harmonics editor (up from 128), automatable unison panning, volume and pitch.
* FPC acquires wave start/end point selection. SFZ export and loads AIFF, MP3 and REX files.
* Mono source recording. Mono ASIO inputs now handled the mixer IN list.
* New user-definable keyboard velocity curve mapping in MIDI setup.
* Support for Apple Loops AIFF extensions.

Changes in v.7.0u2:

* Fruity Wrapper: fixed saving of VST plugin parameters (SupaTrigga)
* Fixed crash when stretching samples with a < 13KHz samplerate
* Fruity Wrapper: added “Send note off velocity” option
* Help file updated
* Fixed stretching incompatibilities


PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV)

PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV) 1.0 RC24
Copyright (c) 2007 Majalah PC Media
A member of Pinpoint Publications

a.Ditambahkan, database pengenal dan pembersih 145 virus
lokal/asing/varian baru yang dilaporkan menyebar di Indonesia.
Total 1.513 virus beserta variannya yang banyak beredar di
Indonesia telah dikenal di RC24 ini oleh engine internal PCMAV.

b.Improvisasi, pesan yang memberikan informasi untuk mematikan
System Restore sebelum melakukan scan.

c.Diperbaiki, kesalahan deteksi pada beberapa file script. Kini,
engine heuristic VBS dapat lebih pintar lagi dalam menentukan
sebuah virus.

d.Diperbaiki, kesalahan pada fungsi registry yang mengatur masalah
Special Folder di Windows.

e.Diperbaiki, fungsi untuk memeriksa apakah RealTime Protector
sudah berjalan di memory atau belum.

f.Ditambahkan, pemeriksaan operating system pada RealTime Protector,
karena belum sepenuhnya kompatibel terhadap Windows Vista.
g.Diperbarui, perubahan beberapa nama virus mengikuti varian baru
yang ditemukan.

h.Improvisasi, kemampuan engine “DeepClean” agar perbaikan registry
lebih sempurna dibanding PCMAV versi sebelumnya.

i.Diperbaiki, kesalahan deteksi (false alarm) pada beberapa program
ataupun script.

j.Perbaikan beberapa minor bug dan improvisasi kode internal untuk
memastikan bahwa PCMAV Cleaner & PCMAV RealTime Protector lebih
dari sekadar antivirus biasa.

PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV) merupakan karya dan hak cipta serta
bagian yang tak terpisahkan dari PC Media, majalah komputer bulanan
yang diterbitkan oleh PT Dian Digital Media yang merupakan bagian
dari kelompok penerbitan terkemuka di Indonesia: Pinpoint

PCMAV tidak dinyatakan sebagai program yang bersifat public-domain
(milik publik) maupun freeware (tanpa biaya), tetapi Anda bebas
menggunakan dan menyebarluaskan program ini secara UTUH dan LENGKAP
(termasuk file README.TXT ini) tanpa dikenakan biaya apapun
sepanjang PCMAV tidak disertakan bersama dengan materi yang
melanggar hukum dan ketentuan program seperti yang akan dijelaskan
pada bagian ini ditaati.

PCMAV dan seluruh program antivirus buatan Majalah PC Media
diizinkan untuk pemakaian tunggal oleh pemilik Majalah PC Media
pada edisi yang menyertakannya, baik itu pemilik perorangan maupun
badan hukum. Selain itu, program ini juga diizinkan untuk pemakaian
di komputer pribadi/rumah, lembaga nirlaba atau lembaga pendidikan
yang dibiayai oleh negara/lembaga nirlaba.

Dilarang keras menggunakan dan atau memanfaatkan program ini di
lingkungan bisnis atau lembaga yang berorientasi profit tanpa
memiliki secara sah Majalah PC Media yang menyertakannya.

Penggunaan dan atau pemanfaatan program ini tanpa izin untuk
tujuan/kepentingan komersial sama sekali tidak diperkenankan.

Anda juga tidak diperkenankan melakukan segala tindakan, baik
secara langsung maupun tidak langsung, yang dapat melanggar hak
atas kekayaan intelektual, termasuk tapi tak terbatas pada apa
yang dimaksud sebagai reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble,
atau memodifikasi PCMAV.

Pihak Majalah PC Media telah mengeluarkan segala upaya dan daya
serta menguji cobanya secara sungguh-sungguh agar PCMAV dapat
memberikan hasil terbaik. Namun demikian, seperti lazimnya program
komputer yang lain, Anda sangat menyadari dan memahami bahwa pihak
PC Media memberikan PCMAV dan segala file yang terkait dengan apa
adanya, tanpa memberikan jaminan apapun bahwa program ini terbebas
dari segala macam risiko teknis, dan kami tidak berkewajiban
mengganti segala biaya yang mungkin dapat ditimbulkan oleh segala
macam fungsi dari penggunaan program ini. Untuk itu, sangat
disarankan mem-backup data penting Anda sebelum menggunakan program

Dengan memanfaatkan/menggunakan PCMAV berarti Anda mengerti dan
setuju dengan seluruh ketentuan ini.

Jika Anda mendapatkan PCMAV ini tidak berjalan sebagaimanamestinya,
silahkan melaporkannya ke redaksi PC Media melalui e-mail. Segera
setelah kami mampu menanganinya, Anda akan kami kirimkan PCMAV
terbaru yang telah diperbaiki.

Agar pembasmian virus dapat dilakukan secara tuntas, maka PCMAV
dirancang secara akurat dan pasti hanya untuk mengenali virus
komputer yang telah ada dalam koleksi virus komputer di Lab
Antivirus PC Media. Hasil modifikasi dari sebuah varian virus akan
menyebabkan PCMAV tidak mengenal virus tersebut. Begitu pun dengan
virus-virus baru yang selalu bermunculan. Untuk itu, silahkan kirim
dalam format ZIP yang ter-password melalui e-mail ke redaksi
PC Media beberapa contoh file yang Anda curigai bervirus. Setelah
kami berhasil menganalisanya (dan ini dibutuhkan waktu yang tidak
sebentar), kami akan mengeluarkan update untuk virus tersebut
secara online.

Berikut ini merupakan daftar file lengkap (3 file) dari paket
program antivirus PCMAV:

* README.TXT – File yang sedang Anda baca saat ini
* PCMAV-CLN.EXE – Program cleaner utama
* PCMAV-RTP.EXE – Program RealTime Protector utama

PERHATIAN: Dengan database pengenal virus terbaru dari ClamAV yang
cukup besar, maka konsekuensi logis penggunaan engine ClamAV di
PCMAV akan cukup berpengaruh pada lamanya proses pendeteksian file
serta membutuhkan memori yang lebih besar.

PCMAV, baik Cleaner maupun RealTime Protector, dalam mendeteksi
virus, selain menggunakan engine-nya sendiri,juga dapat dipadukan
dengan ClamAV. Kombinasi yang dihasilkan dari keduanya sungguh
dahsyat untuk mendeteksi virus komputer.

ClamAV ( merupakan program antivirus opensource
untuk Unix yang berlisensi GPL. Penggunaan double engine ini
bertujuan agar hasil pendeteksian virus bisa didapat lebih banyak
lagi. Database dari ClamAV sendiri saat ini mencapai 90.000 virus
lebih. Tentu saja konsekuensi logis dari besarnya database virus ini
adalah lebih lamanya proses pendeteksian dibanding tanpa engine
ClamAV, tapi tentu hasilnya pun lebih meyakinkan.

Untuk itu dibutuhkan sebuah file library (libpclamav.dll) dan dua
file database virus (main.cvd dan daily.cvd) yang nantinya
diletakkan di dalam folder yang sama dengan folder PCMAV berada.
Untuk lebih jelasnya, dalam mengintegrasikan ClamAV ini ke dalam
PCMAV, berikut urutan langkah-langkahnya:

1. Prosedur penginstalan library ClamAV
A. Download file “” dari alamat berikut:

B. Setelah Anda mendapatkan file “” hasil
download tadi, lakukan ekstrak terhadap
*HANYA* pada file “libpclamav.dll” (tanpa perlu mengikutkan
file lainnya maupun folder “LIB”) ke dalam folder di mana
PCMAV Cleaner/RTP berada.

2. Prosedur penginstalan database virus ClamAV
A. Download dengan menggunakan download manager file database
harian dari alamat berikut ini:
CATATAN: Jika dengan cara penunjukan langsung alamat seperti
di atas browser Anda gagal men-download kedua file tersebut,
maka masuklah ke situs, lalu tepat di bawah
judul “Latest releases” terdapat link “daily.cvd”. Anda
tinggal meng-klik kanan link tiap file tersebut, lalu pilih
“Save As”.

B. Tempatkan file “daily.cvd” tersebut beserta file “main.cvd”
yang terdapat di folder ClamAV pada CD/DVD majalah PC Media
edisi ini ke dalam folder di mana PCMAV Cleaner/RTP berada.

3. Setelah semua prosedur diatas dilakukan, pastikan bahwa pada
folder PCMAV telah terdapat 6 (enam) buah file, yaitu:

1. PCMAV-CLN.exe ==> dari paket PCMAV di CD/DVD PC Media
2. PCMAV-RTP.exe ==> dari paket PCMAV di CD/DVD PC Media
3. README.TXT ==> dari paket PCMAV di CD/DVD PC Media
4. libpclamav.dll ==> hasil download
5. main.cvd ==> dari paket ClamAV di CD/DVD PC Media
6. daily.cvd ==> hasil download
Sekarang Anda jalankan PCMAV-CLN.EXE, apabila ClamAV tersebut
berhasil diintegrasikan oleh PCMAV maka akan tampil informasi
mengenai database ClamAV pada kolom “PCMAV Informations”. Dan
Anda sekarang dapat menggunakan PCMAV seperti biasa (termasuk
RTP), tentunya dengan database virus yang lebih banyak.

Berikut ini merupakan daftar virus yang banyak menyebar di
Indonesia yang mampu ditangani oleh engine PC Media Antivirus 1.0
RC24. Setiap edisi terbaru majalah PC Media akan selalu disertai
dengan PCMAV yang telah diperbaharui dengan versi dan data virus

silahkan ambil(download) di sini

di bawah adalah daftar virus yang mampu ditagani oleh pcmav rc 24
VIRUS BARU DI RC24 (145 Virus)

dan berikut juga virus2 lama yang telah terdeteksi oleh pcmav rc 23

Opera Portable – Opera in USB, CD, LAN, Wherever! Opera Sekali Klik Tanpa Instal

Use the Opera browser anywhere, by just carrying a small self-contained file!

Introducing Opera Portable, the Opera browser that has been repacked so that you can run Opera by just clicking, without the need of installation or administrator rights. With download size of less than 5 MB, you get the same features of Opera compared to what you get in the installation version (even Flash Player 9 is included). Of course it’s free!

Update (2007-12-16): The newest version, 9.24, has been updated so that it runs on Windows Vista without asking administrator previledges. Users of Opera Portable Builder should be able to update the version by changing the last digits of the URL to 20071216.

No registry entries are created or modified
No effect to existing installed browsers, either IE, Firefox or Opera
No trace left after exiting – files are overwritten, not just deleted
Doesn’t make your USB drive tired – all code and data are stored in a temporary place on host computer
Create multiple profiles for different places
Easy to distribute and use, not limited to USB sticks or CDs

Support Opera Portable!

Opera Portable is completely free and will always remain free, which means you can use it free of charge for any purposes (subject to Opera Software’s license agreement). If you are satisfied with Opera Portable and want to help motivate the development, any amount of donation will be welcomed and gratefully appreciated.

Opera Portable Personal 9.24 v2 (English, other languages see below)
You can manage multiple profiles at once! For example, in office, school, home, internet cafe, etc you can have different profiles for each of them. The profile file will contain all the settings you made while running. So, your settings, history, wand passwords, etc are packed into a single file, then they are overwritten and deleted on the host machine (so you leave no trace). When you run Opera Portable on another machine, your settings will be applied again. This is suitable for usage in USB/flash disks and other writable media, or even on your harddisk!

Opera Portable One-Use 9.24 v2 (English, other languages see below)
All settings, history, cache etc are completely destroyed after running. This is suitable if you run Opera Portable from LAN shares, CD/DVD, or other non-writable media.

It is recommended that you backup the ophome file in case of data corruption. You should use 7z or zip or rar or any compressor to backup it since it is highly compressible 😀

Available Languages
       Português Brasileiro          

Opera Portable Builder

Since the 9.20 release, I restructured the arrangements of files, and made it possible for you to build Opera Portable by yourself! Building Opera Portable by yourself enables these functionalities:
Using languages not available here (more than 30 languages can be built)
Additional plugins as needed (the official version above only includes Flash Player)
Your favorite widgets, bookmarks, RSS feeds, even toolbar settings etc available as defaults
Edit the NSIS scripts and the data processor program to suit your needs

Etc. And so on. However, I would like to ask you to donate 10 USD (see the Donate section). I guarantee that the Builder is very easy to use, it is automated, by default you can select the language to be built and choice between Personal or One-Use version. Just modify the data directories and you can add your own content, etc.

Where and When to Use Opera Portable
When you are in a library / internet cafe / lab / other public places, Opera is usually not installed, and you are forced to bear with IE or Firefox that is indeed slower than Opera.
When you want to surf ‘secret’ websites but you afraid that your traces remains, use Opera Portable, because when you close Opera Portable, all data will be overwritten and erased (not just erased)!
When you use your own computer but IE is severely infected by worms, viruses, spyware, horses, rats, rabbits, dragonflies, etc. And you are afraid! And Opera comes…
When you want to have Opera anywhere you go, either on a USB flash disk or a CD (because Opera Portable doesn’t require the medium to be writable!)
When you promote Opera to your friends, before installing it, it’s better if you can show it first, right?

All intellectual property rights such as but not limited to patents, trademarks, copyrights or trade secret rights related to the Software are the property of and remains vested in Opera Software ASA/its suppliers.


How do you think about this program? Do you have any suggestion for improvement? Can you tell me how to further reduce the file size (e.g. deleting unnecessary files?) Do you have any interesting experience in using Opera Portable? Please discuss it and tell us below!


About Inkscape
An Open Source vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara X, using the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format.

Inkscape supports many advanced SVG features (markers, clones, alpha blending, etc.) and great care is taken in designing a streamlined interface. It is very easy to edit nodes, perform complex path operations, trace bitmaps and much more. We also aim to maintain a thriving user and developer community by using open, community-oriented development.

download :

Official Releases

Stable release 0.45.1 intended for production use is available:

Source Tarball — .gz See README to install, or CompilingInkscape for troubleshooting help.
Linux Autopackage — .package (See for directions).
Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard — Universal .dmg, Mac OS X Panther — PPC .dmg
Fedora users: Inkscape 0.45 is available for FC-4, FC-5 and FC-6 from Fedora Extras.
Just type:
yum install inkscape
Windows — .exe installer, 7zip

Download any of the above (as well as .sig files and previous releases) at the Sourceforge Downloads page, or through your distro’s update capabilities.

Development Versions

For those wishing to use the latest and greatest “bleeding edge” features and willing to risk more instability, or those wishing to test out the newly added code to help identify and debug problems in the code, access is provided to the development versions. Use at your own risk, and please report bugs you find!

Compiled Packages

If you don’t want to compile the code yourself, use the nightly build for your system:

Mirrored Win32 Builds

Autopackage Builds — See Autopackage Site for directions
ZeroInstall feed — see for more information
Gentoo Dependencies — make sure everything has been compiled by the same version of g++. C++ ABI changed between gcc 3.3 and 3.4
Debian Dependencies — everything is available in the unstable apt repositories.

Mac OS X:
Mac OS X packaged application (.dmg), named by date.

Please note that builds may not be available on days when there are compilation issues for some platforms. Rarely, a build may not run. If you notice either situation, please report ASAP so it can be investigated and fixed.
Source Code Packages

You can also obtain the source code and compile it yourself, in one of several ways:

SVN access via SourceForge

Tarball Snapshots:
Current Source Snapshots
Daniel’s Thrice-Daily CVS Snapshots

Package Signatures

Some of the packages have been signed by the packager. Here is where to find their GPG public keys:
Kees Cook — GPG#17063e6d
Aaron C Spike — GPG#855781ba
Bryce Harrington — GPG#E0E67611

informasi lebih lanjut

Harry Potter 1sampai 7

Baru dapat yang Deadly Hollows yang bahasa Indonesia jadi sekalian aku post juga lainnya
silakan dinikmati.
ada yang  bahasa Indonesia ama bahasa Inggris
tolong nnti klo ada yang punya versi bahasa Indonesia yang lainnya (buku 1,2,3,4,6 n 7) kabari aku ya, mau aku post juga biar yang lainnya bisa baca

Harry_Potter_1th the sorcerers stone.pdf
Harry_Potter_2nd the chamber of secrets.pdf
Harry_Potter_3th the prisoner of azkaban.pdf
Harry_Potter_4th the goblet of fire.pdf
Harry_Potter_6th the half-blood prince.pdf
Harry_Potter_7th Harry_Potter_n_the_deathly_hallows.pdf

sementara ini dulu ya pren, skrg lagi donlot klo aku up load donlot nya jadi lemot banget.
mangaf ya nnti t edit and aku tambahin lagi

Hubungan antara Microsoft dengan Tragedi WTC

ni aku copast dari kaskuser lupa dari sapa………..

tapi omong2 duluan mana ya taunya Mikocok ama tuh”kecelakaan”?

Ooooo………….. u need to know

COBA BUKA Microsoft word, kemudian anda ketik Q33 NY ingat.. harus huruf besar, ini adalah nomor kode penerbangan pesawat yang menabrak menara kembar WTC.

kemudian anda blok Q33 NY, dan anda perbesar ukuran fontnya menjadi 48, setelah itu anda rubah font nya menjadi WINDINGS. Setelah itu coba anda perhatikan, menurut anda apa kaitannya dengan tragedi WTC, lihat kode tersebut…. Beneran anehhhh jadi merinding..

and the result is…..

Q33ny From 911 Encyclopedia:

Q33NY, a well placed hoax in September 2001, as reported, wasn’t the flight number of one of the terrorist planes (Wingdings Hoax). It was AA 077, AA 011, UA 093 and UA 175. The correct registration numbers (->): N644AA (# AA 077) N334AA (# AA 011) N591UA (# UA 093) N612UA (# UA 175) “Wingdings” was designed by Bigelow and Holmes, an outside vendor. They denied that Microsoft intentionally designed the secret message. Prof. Charles Bigelow confirmed that his company provided the symbols, but insisted that Microsoft made the final “mapping” decisions assigning his symbols to specific keys on the keyboard. He’s Professor of Digital Typography at Stanford for several years. With partner Kris Holmes he runs the Bigelow & Holmes studio. Their most significant work is the Lucida font family, perhaps the first serious attempt to make type look good on low-resolution output. Lucida’s accompanying pi font, Wingdings, has long been included with Windows

Hubungan antara Microsoft dengan Tragedi WTC

 ni aku copast dari kaskuser lupa dari sapa………..

tapi omong2 duluan mana ya taunya Mikocok ama tuh”kecelakaan”?

Ooooo………….. u need to know

COBA BUKA Microsoft word, kemudian anda ketik Q33 NY ingat.. harus huruf besar, ini adalah nomor kode penerbangan pesawat yang menabrak menara kembar WTC.

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Swanky’s Vienna 2007 (XP+Vista) August 2007 Genuine(700 MB)

Swanky’s Vienna 2007 Plus Office 2007
(Full English Version)
The Next Generation Operating System – Swanky’s Vienna 2007

Swanky’s Vienna 2007 is the operating system designed using the fifth generation techniques which gives you the better graphics capabilies, improved system performance, unparalleled security, secure execution environment, secure communication, integrated firewall & predictive self healing technology. Due to the better utilization of resources its become possible to give the improved graphics while maintaining the compatibility with lower end PC’s & minimal hardware requirement.

Genuine, Activated & Updated…

Swanky’s Vienna 2007 is the opearating system integrated with the current update uptil August 2007 & all the security updates, system patches, hotfixex. Its activated & free to use to all the users without any licence. The users are allowed to distribte or modify it. It is having genuine licence of microsoft & can get the updates of any software from microsoft. So fell free about the activation & all that stuff.

Feel The Power Of Vienna Graphics

Swanky’s Vienna 2007 is having the look like Inspirat, its predecessot. Due to the direct integration of the graphics, your system will not be anymore slower. There’s no need to install the bricopacks or transformation pack which degrades the system performance & also they are time & space consuming. The boot screen, logon screen, visual style, start menu, desktop & system icons, shell, background, system sounds, screen saver… everything is changed & upped with the higher graphics capability. Also 50 inbuilt Visual Syles makes you to create a perfect combination for you satisfaction.

Thousands Of Tweaks For Boosted Performance

Swanky’s Vienna 2007 gives their users the thousands of hidden tweaks & tricks that makes them to use their system freely without any interruption or problem. They are allowed to make their system ready as per their requirements.
The Swanky’s Vienna 2007 is boosted with performance which includes following tweaks :-
* Boot & Shutdown Tweaks
* Start Menu, Desktop & Taskbar Tweaks
* My Computer & Explorer Tweaks
* Internet Explorer & Networking Tweaks
* Security, Speed & Privacy Tweaks
* Visual Effects & Media Player Tweaks

Unattended & No Pain Of Security Center!

Swanky’s Vienna 2007 is fully automated & unatteded, you have to just choose the drive letter on which you want to install it & thats it. Come after 20 minutes your Swanky’s Vienna 2007 will be ready rock with you. You will be secured from hundreds of unnessessary & painful components of microsoft such as windows defender, security center, windows tour, low disk space notification, system restore. The security is increased with the Kaspersky Antivirus protection which gives world’s most powerful protection to you with day to day updates.

Software are inbuilt!

Swanky’s Vienna 2007 is ready with the latest softwares that you need in your day to day life & also Internet Explroer 7 & Windows Media Plater 11 which requires genuine pain.
The following softwares are already installed in the Swanky’s Vienna 2007 :-
Adode reader 8.0, Daemon tools 4.09, Dot Net framework 2.0 with security updates,Attribute changer 5.23, Direct X 9.0, Hide folders XP 1.0, K-lite codec pack, Java runtime environment 6.0, LClock 1.62, Notepad++, Opera 9.21, Tune up utilities 2007, Ultra ISO 7.6, Winamp 5, VLC media player 0.8.6, Winrar 3.70 & Yahoo messenger 8.1.

Thanks To Dino Nuhagic

Swanky’s Vienna 2007 will not be possible without the great support from Dino Nuhagic, The Most intelligent man i’ve ever seen.
* Thanks to Dino Nuhagic for nLite.
* Thanks to RyanVM for RyanVM Update Pack & Addons packs.
• Thanks to for Driver Collector.
* Thanks to lars hederer for CabPack.
* Thanks to for Wallpapers & Themes.
* Thanks to devian art for Logon.
* Thanks to MagicISO fro Magic ISO Maker.
* Thanks to EasyBoot (Sorry, because i’ve hacked your boot logo.)
* Thanks to for cracks.

About Me & Swanky’s Vienna 2007

Swanky’s Vienna 2007 gives you the opportunity to experience the system freely without charging any cost at all. At last my small intro to you. I’m the 19 years guy from Pune Located in India. After lot of problems, i’ve completed this Operating system. But now i’m happy to introduce it to you. Don’t ever give up because God Hates Us All.
The main aim of my life is not money but the satisfaction which i get from your satisfaction & happiness.
Coz We Like To Be….
Swanky, Swankier, Swankiest!